I want to create my own interaction

The BlueConic JavaScript API allows for interaction with online visitors and for browser-based additions and extensions. It exposes two objects, i.e. the Client object and the Profile object.

With the Client object, developers can trigger new events like a Pageview event, a View event, a Click event, a shortened URL event, or a Conversion event. 

The Profile object allows you to programmatically retrieve the unique BlueConic ID and one or more of the profile properties. Developers can also overwrite existing profile properties or add new properties. The API automatically takes care of server-side persistent storage of the profile.

To use this API, Developers can create a new plugin, called Interaction Type. An online marketer can then use these interaction types to create new interactions. The interaction type contains the JavaScript that needs to be executed if the specific visitor triggers the interaction. For example, a developer can develop a generic popup using JavaScript as an interaction type and add this to BlueConic. The online marketer can then choose this specific interaction type, parameterize it by setting the text and image to be shown in that popup (essentially creating the specific message) and sets a custom segment (for example, the fourth click on a specific website by a visitor) and activates the interaction. A visitor to that website then gets to see that specific message in a popup when clicking around at least 4 times.

BlueConic also provides a lot of plugins out of the box, making it easy for a marketer to directly start to use BlueConic without involvement of a developer.

Learn more: See the BlueConic JavaScript API reference.