I configured a Conversion rule for a dialogue. No Conversions are being attributed.

By default, conversions are recorded only after a click is registered. This means Conversion events can only be attributed to a dialogue after a Click event has been attributed to that dialogue.

The exception is if you choose to allow view-through conversions (on the 'Why' tab of the Dialogue window), where a conversion is recorded after only a view has been registered.

Other points about registering conversions in BlueConic:

  • Make sure you select a channel for the dialogue on the 'Where' tab. Only dialogues with a channel will be attributed events.
  • Make sure you use correct syntax when specifying the Conversion URL for an interaction. This article describes how.
  • If two or more dialogues share the same Conversion URL (or have matching URL specifications) then only the interaction to which a Click event was last attributed will be attributed the Conversion event.
  • For 'Content' and 'Lightbox' interactions, Click events will only be attributed if the URL of the link is a 'Shortened URL' created with the link icon in the editor.

    How do I track views, clicks, direct conversions, and indirect conversions in marketing metrics in BlueConic?

Learn more about dialogue conversions in the "Why" section. For details on tracking direct conversions and indirect conversions, see Metrics for views, clicks, and conversions.