Who can access the Management UI?

Customer access to the Management UI:

  • Customers only have access to BlueConic via the Management UI.
  • The Customer is responsible for all accounts in the tenant and has full control over it.
  • The Management UI is only accessible using HTTPS connections.
  • BlueConic uses two-step authentication via email accounts.
  • If a user logs in from a new IP address that is different from the one used in the previous session, he/she has to enter an additional one-time code sent to him or her via email. After that, the account is locked to his/her browser for 30 days, and he or she only needs their account name and password to login.

Two-step authentication using email has the following benefits:

  • All users are addressable with their email address.
  • If a hacker were to gain access to the BlueConic account and password of a user, but not access to the mail and browser of the user, the account would not be compromised.