E-mail Settings

Configuring e-mail server

If you use BlueConic in an ondemand environment, you will see under Settings -> General a message after "Mail Server Hostname" will display that you will be using the ondemand mail service as well. In this case you do not have to configure your own SMTP-server.


If you use BlueConic on premise, installed on one of your own servers, you need to configure your own e-mail server here. You need to enter your smtp-server settings here, and make sure that this smtp-server accepts messages sent from your BlueConic server.

The mail server will be used:

  • For e-mail messages that you configure as an interaction, using the "send e-mail to visitor" plugin.
  • For e-mails that are sent during the authentication process to send confirmation codes to a user that is logging in.


Configuring the default-mail sender

The default mail sender will be used in the sender-address of all e-mails that are sent during the authentication process. By using the address of an administrator here, users are able to directly contact an administrator when there are problems logging in, or problems with the confirmation code.

If you make use of the ondemand e-mail service, the default e-mail address needs to be confirmed first to be used as a sender address. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from Amazon after you enter this address for the first time.