What is Dialogue Optimization?

In BlueConic, a dialogue that contains two or more variants for interacting with customers in different ways, lends itself to optimization. The aim here is to find the dialogue variant that is most effective in reaching a goal you define.

You can configure BlueConic to evaluate the scores for variants and then take a specific action. For example, you can determine whether displaying a lightbox consistently leads to more clicks than displaying a banner. If the lightbox leads to more clicks or conversions, you can configure optimization to show the lightbox to customers and visitors, and stop showing the banner.

How to optimize your marketing content for views, clicks, and conversions in BlueConic using dialgoues and variants

There are several strategies available in BlueConic for configuring and displaying dialogue variants:

Automatic Optimization

BlueConic determines which variant it will serve to a visitor with one aim: to achieve the highest score for the selected Optimization Goal. The decision is based on historical values gathered from all variants. At the outset, BlueConic selects variants to show on a random basis. However, over time, the variants that consistently score higher are selected more often. Variants that score lower are still served to visitors, only less often. The process is continuous and at any time any variant can be the one that is served to visitors most often. It all depends on which variants are currently achieving higher scores. If you add a new variant, at first it will be shown more often in order to score its effectiveness compared to the other variants, however, once enough historical data is gathered, it will be served using the same criteria as all other variants.

A/B Testing

For each visitor, a randomly chosen variant will be targeted at them the first time they trigger the optimizer. For each subsequent time that the optimizer is triggered for the same visitor, they will be targeted with the same variant that they had the first time. You can define the distribution percentage for each variant. BlueConic will distribute the variants among visitors based on the ratios you define.


All variants will be shown to a visitor in a round robin fashion whenever the dialogue is encountered. For example, if there are three variants A, B, and C, BlueConic will cycle through these variants for each visitor individually as the dialogue is triggered by them. For example, the first time a visitor triggers the dialogue, a randomly picked variant C is shown. The second time the same visitor triggers the dialogue, variant A is shown. The third time the dialogue is triggered, variant B is shown. Once a visitor has seen all variants, the same rotation pattern will be used over and over again, in this case C-A-B-C-A-B, and so on.


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