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Content flickering

When BlueConic is implemented by placing the BlueConic script at the very top of the HEAD section of each page, flickering of content should not occur.

As soon as the BlueConic script is loaded all defined positions will be polled. When a position becomes available, it will be made transparent using CSS. Original content is hidden from the visitor while the replacement content is injected. As long as the BlueConic script is loaded before any content has been rendered, flickering will not occur. After a dialogue has replaced the content, or after a timeout (whichever comes first), the position will be made visible again.

Tips to avoid content flickering

  • Make sure to delete positions that are not actively being used by a dialogue.
  • Avoid using dialogue positions that take up the full page, such as the <body> or <html> elements.

Ensure the BlueConic script loads as soon as possible

The best way to avoid flickering is by ensuring that the BlueConic script is loaded as soon as possible. We recommend placing the script at the very top of the HEAD section of each page. Any other solution, including using a tag management solution to trigger the BlueConic script, may introduce flickering.

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