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Integrating Gigya with BlueConic

Gigya allows you to specify a callback function when placing a Share Bar on your site. This callback function can be used to publish custom Events to BlueConic when a visitor uses the share bar. The following example shows how:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var handleEvent = function(eventObj) {
        if (eventObj.eventName && window.blueConicClient) {
           if (eventObj.eventName == 'sendDone') {
            window.blueConicClient.event.publish('gigya-' + eventObj.providers);
           if (eventObj.eventName == 'shareButtonClicked' && eventObj.shareItem) {
            window.blueConicClient.event.publish('gigya-' + eventObj.shareItem.provider);
    var act = new gigya.socialize.UserAction();

    var showShareBarUI_params=
        containerID: 'sharebarDiv',
        shareButtons: 'facebook-like,facebook,twitter-tweet,googleplus-share,share',
        userAction: act,
        onSendDone: handleEvent,
        onShareButtonClicked : handleEvent

This will publish an event to BlueConic using the following syntax: “gigya-<provider code>”.

After the script has been added to your website you can configure listeners to subscribe to these events. This article describes how custom events in BlueConic work.