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Viewing your submitted BlueConic Support tickets

If you have a question or encounter an issue with your BlueConic tenant, you can always submit a ticket, or "request," to the BlueConic Support team by completing our ticket form in the BlueConic Help Center. (For detailed instructions, review the article Contacting BlueConic Support.) Each ticket you submit is logged in the My Activities section of the Help Center for easy access.

The following sections detail how BlueConic customers can access My Activities to view and manage all their submitted tickets.

Accessing your tickets

To view your Support tickets, first navigate to the Help Center using either of these methods:

  • Log in to your tenant, click the Help (question mark) icon at the top right, and select Knowledge Base.
  • Go directly to If not currently logged in to your tenant, click the Sign in link at the top of the Help Center and proceed with your login. A circular silhouette icon appears in place of the Sign in link once you are logged in.

Then, access My Activities by clicking the silhouette icon at the top and selecting My activities.


Viewing ticket information

On the My Activities page, your tickets are listed in a table under the Requests content block (under "My requests").


Each of your submitted tickets is listed in its own row in the table, with the following information:

  • ID: The ID number automatically assigned to that ticket.
  • Subject: The subject line you entered when submitting the ticket. Clicking the subject line for a ticket opens all information submitted for that ticket, as explained below
  • Created: The time frame when the ticket was originally submitted (e.g., "5 years ago").
  • Last Activity: The time frame when the ticket last had an update, such as a reply or status change.
  • Status: The current status of the ticket: "Open," "Awaiting your reply," or "Solved."

Note: By default, tickets are sorted by Last Activity date in descending order, with those most recently updated listed first. Click the Last Activity column header to sort by ascending order instead.


  • To find tickets with certain words or phrases, input your keywords in the "Search requests" field above the table.
  • To display tickets with a certain status only, click the Status dropdown and select one of the three status options.


Opening individual tickets

To see exactly what you submitted for a ticket, click the ticket's subject line in the table. This opens the ticket form with the information you filled out, including the description of the problem, tenant URL, and priority.

Here, you have the option to add a follow-up comment to your ticket and attach any files. Although you can't edit the information in a ticket once it's submitted, you can use these fields to include any updates or corrections.


Note: If your issue is resolved, you can close the ticket by checking the "Please consider this request solved" box.

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