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FAQ: BlueConic performance

This page answers some frequently asked questions about BlueConic page performance. See the background information and tips about BlueConic performance for more details.

Q: I see multiple requests going back and forth between the browser and BlueConic?

A: Correct! The number of requests depends on the configured connections, listeners, and dialogues and the actions of the user. These requests are all asynchronous and will not block page rendering (i.e., they will not delay the "DOM ready" event).

Q: Is the page loading time affected by BlueConic?

A: Yes, but the effect is only fractional and should not be noticeable to the visitor due to the use of asynchronous requests. Our script is being served by Amazon CloudFront and will not be impacted by high traffic volume on your websites. Due to the extra requests, the DOM "load" event will be delayed.

Q: Some requests seem data heavy?

A: Specifically the first page view of the first visit will see requests that transfer a lot of data as the client-side API, plugins, and library have to be transferred to the browser. However, the API, plugins, and library requests are static and will be cached for a year. Once the browser has these, subsequent views will retrieve them from the browser cache. As a result subsequent views will only use small REST calls. BlueConic uses minification and gzip to keep transfers to a minimum.


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