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Overview: BlueConic REST API

BlueConic REST API v2 for BlueConic CDP custom development and CDP application developersWelcome to the BlueConic REST API. Our APIs offer access to a wealth of resources to interact with BlueConic visitor profiles, segments, interactions, and audit events via OpenAPI and OAuth 2.0 authorization flows, making the interconnection between various services more secure, intuitive, and reliable than ever before. 

Highlights of the BlueConic REST API v2

Some highlights of the updated REST API v2 include:

  • Both our request body and responses are now entirely JSON-based. XML is not supported.
  • We've streamlined our JSON structure. Not only is it more concise now, but it also supports proper data types.
  • By default, our endpoints primarily use gzip encoding, ensuring your data is transferred efficiently.
  • To keep things compact and swift, the output will be minified by default. However, if you want to view your data in a more readable format, simply add 'prettyPrint=true' to the URL.

OpenAPI-Compliant: Follows the OpenAPI Specification

Following the OpenAPI spec means you can easily generate an API integration for your preferred language or SDK.

Secure: Uses OAuth 2.0 for authorization

BlueConic developers can use OAuth 2.0, the industry-standard protocol for authorization, to authorize apps in BlueConic. Both the client credentials flow and authorization code flow are supported, and we provide granular control over application permissions. Learn more about how to use the BlueConic REST API. See the new Applications page in BlueConic for registering your applications.


Try it out 

Try out and review our new REST API, which is now OpenAPI-based, here:


Example showing Get audit events.

Migrating from API v1 to v2

Developers with existing BlueConic apps will want to read our API migration guide to see changes and updates in detail.

Note that with the release of REST API v2 and OAuth 2.0, we are deprecating REST API v1 and OAuth 1.0. For an overview of steps you can take to migrate from API v1 to v2, see our migration guide.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact your BlueConic Customer Success Manager or BlueConic Support.



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