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Q2-2021 BlueConic Release Notes

Welcome to the BlueConic product release notes. This page is updated with each software update of the BlueConic platform.

BlueConic platform status

Visit for current status updates for the BlueConic platform.

Product updates for Release 79 (R79) will be delivered to servers from May 14-May 20, 2021.

Get email notifications for batch connections and AI notebooks

A recent update lets you and your team receive email notifications when BlueConic batch connections or AI Workbench notebooks are run. At the top of the connection or notebook's configuration page, in the metadata section, you can ask BlueConic to notify one or more email addresses when that connection or notebook is run.


You can receive emails each time it runs or only if it fails to run successfully. 



New Aggregated Data Manager (ADM) feature

BlueConic offers enterprise customers flexibility when it comes to managing individual BlueConic tenants for multiple brands and geographies. The BlueConic Aggregated Data Manager (ADM) is a super-tenant that contains aggregated customer profiles when a company is using multiple BlueConic tenants to allow for a single view of all profiles across tenants.

This centralized customer view lets you surface insights and perform modeling across tenants, while ownership over activation of that data can remain with individual businesses, regions, or brands.

Learn more about the Aggregated Data Manager

Updates to BlueConic Connections

Deprecating Support for Internet Explorer 

As of August 2021, Microsoft will be phasing out support for Internet Explorer 11. At that time, BlueConic will no longer test or verify BlueConic for Internet Explorer. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions.

Updates to SDK for iOS app developers

With Apple's release of iOS 14.5, app developers are required when submitting apps to the app store to disclose what customer data is being tracked. BlueConic app developers should download the new iOS SDK for iOS 14.5. Contact your Customer Success Manager for details.

Read about changes affecting app developers in Apple iOS 14.5. The BlueConic iOS SDK will be updated in May 2021 for iOS 14.5.

Lifecycles General Availability

The BlueConic Lifecycles feature gives you the means to organize, coordinate, and visualize all of the marketing touchpoints you use to connect with customers throughout their journey. Lifecycles use stages to sequence each potential interaction across channels, and employ the power of BlueConic dialogues and connections to orchestrate integrated, cross-channel marketing programs. 

Learn more about Lifecycles: Lifecycles Overview


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