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Allowing BlueConic Customer Success to access your environment

Security is crucial when working with customer data, and we want to ensure that you have the tools available to make the right choice when it comes to how we're able to support you in achieving your business goals. To best balance maintaining a secure environment with getting support from BlueConic, you personally are at the wheel to set access rights to your BlueConic environment for BlueConic Customer Support.

Allowing BlueConic Support access to your tenant

Under BlueConic Settings > Access management > BlueConic Support access, you have the following options for allowing the BlueConic Support team to access to your BlueConic tenant environment:


  • No access for BlueConic support employees: BlueConic Support employees cannot access your environment, but you can use screenshots or other means to get support.
  • Only access for named accounts: You create users in BlueConic for the BlueConic Support employees you work with, as if they were regular users. Users with a "" email address will not count toward the total number of users under your subscription.
  • Access for all BlueConic support employees: You enable access for all Support employees. This is the most flexible option and provides Support with direct access to your tenant to resolve issues.

By default, your BlueConic security access level is set to the strictest setting: "No access for BlueConic support employees." If you would like to give access to BlueConic employees, navigate to the General page and activate the BlueConic Support access setting that best fits your preference.

To further narrow down security, you can also customize the default role for a BlueConic employee, as described below.

Understanding how BlueConic Support accesses your tenant

If you enable BlueConic Support access as outlined above—whether for named accounts or all of Support—those employees will be able to access your tenant through your organization's BlueConic login page using Support-specific login credentials.

If your organization uses single sign-on (SSO) instead, BlueConic Support employees will use a special login link from your login page to input their credentials and access your tenant.

Note: When both SSO and BlueConic Support access are enabled, messaging on the BlueConic login page displays as such:

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Configuring access rights for BlueConic Support

When Support employees have access to your environment, you can configure what objects they have access to. Open BlueConic Settings > Access management > Roles, click the out-of-the-box role named BlueConic Support, and change the role access. By default, the role has the following rights to access BlueConic features:


Giving BlueConic Support access to PII

If you have allowed BlueConic Support to access your overall tenant, you can also allow them to access PII (personally identifiable information) to better troubleshoot any issues. PII refers to any information that can potentially identify individuals, such as an email address. BlueConic Support access to PII is disabled by default to ensure data privacy.

To enable this PII access, navigate to BlueConic Support from the Roles page and check the box for Access to PII (Personally Identifiable Information) under "Privacy controls." Once this setting is saved, BlueConic Support will be able to view any profile property, group, and Timeline event in your tenant with PII data sensitivity.

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