Access to your environment by BlueConic Customer Success

Security is crucial when working with customer data, and we want to ensure that you have the tools available to make the right choice when it comes to how we’re able to support you in achieving your business goals. To best balance being able to support you while helping you maintain a secure environment, you can now set access rights to your BlueConic environment for Customer Success Managers.

BlueConic Support Secure Access Level Settings

You will have 2 options for support access to your BlueConic environment:

  • No access: BlueConic Customer Success Managers (CSMs) cannot access your environment, but you can use screenshots or other means for Support. This option is the most stringent and the most secure.
  • Access: You can enable access for all CSMs. This is the most flexible, but it implies that more people have access to your environment.

To further narrow down security, you can also configure the default role for a BlueConic CSM.

Allow access for BlueConic Support

By default, your BlueConic security access level is set to the most secure, and CSMs do not have access. If you would like to give CSMs access, go to BlueConic Settings and select General. Check the box ‘Allow access for BlueConic Support’.


Configure access rights for BlueConic Support

When CSMs have access to your account, you can configure what objects they have access to. BlueConic has an out of the box role called 'BlueConic Support' that you can change. By default the role has the following rights: