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November 2017 product updates

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Welcome to another BlueConic Product update newsletter. November has arrived and for most of us that means the busiest two months of the year have started.

Last week we held a webinar on the upcoming GDPR regulation, and what BlueConic will provide to help you become compliant. Missed it and want to watch the replay? Click here. For now, let’s take a look at other new features that have just arrived or are coming soon! 

New connections

More support for two popular systems:

  • We updated our Omeda connection, so now it supports both batch exporting of data and multi-goal support.
  • We added a new connection to Oracle Responsys. It has import and export capabilities - export can be done in real time!

Brand new SFTP and Amazon S3 connections

We upgraded two new connections; SFTP server connections and S3 connections. Previously we had ‘profile export’ and ‘profile import’ connections that included SFTP and S3, but it felt more logical to have a connection to an SFTP server and another to S3 servers. With those two new connections, you can now:

  • Set up authentication
  • Set up multiple import and multiple export goals
  • Schedule when the goals should run

There are lots of advanced features, but we want to highlight one feature that is highly requested: setting a fixed name for export, so you can pick up the file on a standard location in other tools!

All the little things

As always, we also introduced a variety of smaller features:

  • Apple released Swift 4.0 so we updated our iOS SDK to have support for that. We also enhanced our Android SDK - take a look!
  • We made our client side script even faster by upgrading to faster and slimmer jQuery libraries, better caching of data, removing redundant code, loading code that is not needed immediately asynchronously and many more tweaks. In general, execution time of our tag is now at least half of what it was before - most of the time loads within 100ms, and file size downloaded are reduced on average with 20%.

Coming Soon

A sneak peek of features to come:

  • We are enhancing our external trackers with the option to add a date to it. Additionally, we are making it usable outside BlueConic by storing profile data in a cookie which is merged into a profile when a visitor hits a BlueConic enabled website. This opens up all kinds of interesting retargeting opportunities like embedding the tracker in sponsored content on a third-party site or in dynamics, for example.
  • We are working hard on adding features to make it easier for you to become GDPR compliant when the deadline (May 2018) is near. Check out the GDPR webinar for more info what’s coming!
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