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August 2017 product updates

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Welcome to the BlueConic product update newsletter for August! 2017 is still the year of the Customer Data Platform. David Raab from the CDP Institute wrote a very interesting research post on the quickly growing CDP market, and we certainly experienced that by welcoming a lot of new customers! Thanks for your continuing trust!

How to maximize your CDP analytics with BlueConic


Webhooks, sounds complicated. Luckily the concept is fairly simple; when something changes, send information to another system. We implemented this powerful mechanism in BlueConic as follows:

  • Select a profile property
  • Configure the URL of another system to send a request to
  • When the selected profile property changes, we send a request to that URL

That’s it! You can also opt to limit these updates for only profiles in a specific segment, or only fire the request when the change originates from specific websites or areas of websites.

Great! So what are Webhooks used for?

  • When you collect a phone number, you can send out a welcome text 
  • When you collect an email address, you can send it through com or to support all kinds of service options
  • When a site visitor reaches a specific engagement score, you can send a notice to a Slack channel, including a link to the profile viewer in BlueConic (that’s what we are using this for!)

TL;DR: If a system you want to connect to has a (RESTful) API, you can quickly connect to it using BlueConic Webhooks! Don’t be afraid to ask for help setting up a webhook.


How to use Webhook connections with BlueConic

Microsoft CRM support

We’re proud to announce a server-to-server connection with MS CRM! This first release supports MS Dynamics CRM 365 online, allowing you to import and export data, and map MS CRM data to profile properties. If you use or want to use MS CRM, it’s definitely worth a look!


All the little things

Some smaller improvements of note for this month:

  • We added Zscaler support in BlueConic. Zscaler is a rapidly growing cloud based internet security provider, and their Cloud Enforcement Nodes are now listed as allowed in our IP-based 2 factor authentication.
  • In the profile import connection, you can now preview more of how your CSV will be imported. You can now see the first 10 rows.
  • We introduced a method to connect with FullContact, a cloud-based service that returns a lot of publicly available data when you have collected an identifier like an email address. Check it out!
  • All connections based on the new connection UI now have an updated ‘scheduling’ UI with more granularity, especially if you want to run the connection multiple times per day.


Coming Soon…

A sneak peak of features to come soon:

  • We already have a client-based Krux connection, but one of the unique capabilities of the BlueConic platform is that we are able to create server-to-server connections. So, we are hard at work to add Krux to our list of server-to-server connections
  • We are updating the MailChimp connection to the new connection UI – along with incorporating some frequently asked requests there.


Thank you for catching up with us! Any questions or feedback, hit reply! We’re back in September!


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