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July 2017 product updates

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Welcome to the BlueConic product update newsletter for July 2017.

Bulk changes

Ever had to set many dialogues as active or inactive at the same time? Or wanted to delete or add labels to a lot of profile properties all at once? Good news: now you can!

When you land in Profile Properties, Listeners, Segments, Dialogues, Connections, or Insights, you may be accustomed to the little dropdown arrow next to the 'Save' button. You will now see new options here! We are pleased to introduce bulk change and bulk delete.


What do these new options do?

  • Based on the filter you already have on the object overview page, you can either select all of those objects, or manually select which objects you want to change or delete.
  • You can either bulk change labels or set status.
  • Be careful! When deleting objects, you have to type in DELETE before you are actually able to bulk delete something. This is a safeguard to attempt preventing you from accidentally deleting just a little too much (we’ve all been there).
  • Though there will be some unrecoverable situations, you can always contact support @ and they might be able to help out if you do inadvertently get overzealous with deletion.
  • If you think this is just too much power to handle for you (or for your colleagues), there is a new privilege: ‘bulk change & delete’ that you can grant or deny to users, preventing them from using the new capabilities.
  • Two objects do not have bulk changes operations yet: channels and profiles, watch this space for future announcements!
  • We will add other new bulk change options in the future, let us know which ones are the most important to you!


Password recovery and new user email mechanism

We added two new oft-requested user management features!

  • When a new user is created, the user will receive a welcome email to BlueConic, so it’s clear to them that an account is waiting for them.
  • We also introduced a mechanism to reset your BlueConic password. When you enter your mobile phone number when requested, or manually in personal settings), BlueConic will use that to send a reset code when you unfortunately forgot your password. If you didn’t enter your mobile number yet, all users with user management roles will get an email to help you out resetting the password.

Connection Updates

We introduced a WhatCounts connection! WhatCounts is leader in email marketing software and with this connection you can export and import BlueConic and subscriber data in batch, and send profile data in real-time to WhatCounts. The new connection also supports multi goals, as discussed in last newsletter.

We also added a small but significant feature to tracking pixels: a tracking pixel can now dynamically change profile property values instead of only setting it to a static value. This might sound mysterious? With this you can now dynamically store a value like ‘campaign id’ in a profile, dramatically opening up additional use cases for the famous pixel. Who would have thought in 1997 that a 1x1 pixel would be so important for marketers 20 years later, but here we are!

All the little things

We're also constantly reviewing the small stuff, and we've made many additional improvements, including:

  • Using a custom tracker name for Google Analytics? You can now optionally set that name in our connection -- no more need for the experts @ to set you up!
  • Sometimes you want the funnel listener to ignore parts of a URL, like a sessionid. You can do that now using wildcards when configuring step URLs!
  • There are two new options in the when tab in dialogues:
    • Hide after click
    • Hide after conversion
  • We also tweaked a few things in our recommendation features:
    • You can now configure a ramp up value per algorithm instead of only one ramp up value for all of them.
    • Next to jQuery selectors you can now use JavaScript to collect data from a webpage.
    • We added additional support for bought or ‘carted’ products in our product recommendation algorithms.


Coming Soon

Some upcoming new features we are working on:


Thank you for reading this far! If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know. See you in August!

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