Onboarding services, detailed

Goal 1: Realize value from BlueConic within the first 30 days of signing a contract 

Goal 2: Enable your organization to build systematically upon this starting point 

We hold ourselves to these objectives with and for every new BlueConic customer. Our Customer Success team will guide your organization through an onboarding framework designed to meet these high level targets, even though the details that define and support these goals differ from one implementation to the next.

The onboarding framework begins with a kickoff meeting, which sets up three working sessions between our teams as shown below:


Before we are ready for hands-on sessions, we need to have a kickoff! We'll get ourselves properly introduced and have a conversation to set near- and long-term goals for BlueConic. We'll explain the onboarding process in detail, and set ourselves up with information needed to have a few successful working sessions with you after kickoff. If your early-stage goals for BlueConic aren't sorted out yet at this point, we can help!

Helpful steps you can take to prepare for kickoff:

  1. Log into your environment and create a user for the BlueConic customer success manager handling the kickoff -- don't worry, we'll ask and point you in the right direction!

  2. JavaScript tag implementation. See directions here and contact experts@blueconic.com with any questions you may have

First hands-on session

The first hands-on session is typically scheduled for two hours. For the first hour, we hold a "capabilities walkthrough" where we show BlueConic in all of its glory from end-to-end. This is intended to give your team a solid foundation that can be used for use case brainstorming, planning, and prioritization. 

The second hour is used to begin or continue exactly that -- the use case planning and prioritization process. We need to ensure that by the end of this session, we capture: 

  1. What technologies need to be integrated? What built-in connection method will be used in BlueConic? We have certified direct connections to many popular marketing technologies, and we have no fewer than five platform-agnostic ways to share data with other systems or ingest data from other systems. Let's pick your flavor(s).

  2. What use cases are on your to-do list, and which would be best suited for our onboarding process? We want to select use cases that are both high value and achievable in the prescribed timeframe so that they can be used for in-context training on BlueConic. Use cases that will take us beyond the onboarding period will also be tracked so that we can be sure we're collecting good data to support them, for example.

Hands-on sessions 2 & 3

The content and agenda for the second and third hands-on sessions will depend greatly upon our approach to meeting our combined goals. Typically, these are also two-hour sessions during which we will:

  1. Update status on items each team has been working on in between

  2. Review use cases that have been staged in BlueConic by our team, and train your team on the configuration and next steps


Ultimately, we will also set up a path for us to assist with ongoing projects and incremental steps with BlueConic. We include some level of ongoing services - called "Progressions" - in order to allow us to proactively assist your organization in making use of the BlueConic customer data platform. We're always available at experts@blueconic.com and by phone, as questions come up.