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January 2017 product updates

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Happy New Year from the whole BlueCrew! 2017 has started, with another exciting year for marketing technology. The pace of innovation in this vibrant market is not stopping anytime soon! Hopefully this newsletter reveals what the BlueConic team is doing to help push innovation – this past month and in the coming ones.

Announcing the BlueConic Profile Viewer!

BlueConic users are accustomed to working with millions of profiles at the same time, grouping them together with ease using tools in the platform like segment creation or segment discovery. But sometimes you just want to see what’s in a single individual profile – and now, you can! This profile viewer feature is great for:

  • looking up a segment of profiles, or looking up an individual profile by one unique ID (as you probably know, BlueConic can store multiple IDs per user with ease)
  • opening an individual profile presented in two ways: a table view or an overview
  • checking all profile properties in a glance
  • visualizing the profile
  • quickly browsing through profiles with cursor keys

 Enough trying to tell you about it, a picture is worth a thousand words:

 How to measure customer engagement scores with BlueConic profile data

 Want to see? Head into BlueConic, click the ‘Profiles’ tab, see customer engagement scores, and play around with it! 

All the little things

We always sweat the details. Some smaller improvements of note:

  • We tweaked how the filter works on the object navigation screen. Which filter you selected is now much more visible, and it clearer how to change a filter.
  • In the general settings tab, when you use recommendations, the number of API requests and the number of repositories are shown
  • In the popular segment discovery widget, there is now an option to show only selected labels and not all labels to focus more on the specified labels

And of course, as announced in the last newsletter, we added two powerful features to our conversion mechanisms:

  • You can now create conversion definition per variant instead of per dialogue;
  • You can now have multiple conversion rules for a dialogue instead of only one  

Coming soon

2017 is the year of the CDP, and that means we’ve got plenty more to go! We’ll continue to work on exciting new things, such as:

  • Priorities for dialogues (currently, when you set dialogues for a specific position on a page, and there are others also configured for that same position, you can’t really influence which one wins. Soon you will be able to prioritize specific dialogues! More details to come.)
  • Content recommendations (in use by several customers already; ask your account manager for more info!)
  • Product recommendations (just like content recommendations; very easy to set up, powerful algorithms and very flexible presentations!)


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