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2015-R30 BlueConic Release Notes

Note: You've landed on some older release notes from our early days. Learn about current BlueConic features and use cases in the BlueConic Knowledge Base.

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2015-R30 BlueConic Product Updates

Behavior listener updated

Note: For current information, see the Behavior Listener page. This legacy release note is from an earlier release.

The "enrich profile by visitor behavior" plugin is added to the standard set of plugins of BlueConic. The plugin is also improved: it now contains the option to place a timestamp in a specific property, based on behavior (clicks, content, URL-visit, page events). In this way it becomes possible to store moments-of-truth in a visitor profile.


Improved visitor conversion options

Besides the already available conversion URL, you now also have the possibility to register a conversion when a visitor enters a page with specific content, or when a visitor clicked a specific area on a page.


Support for utm campaign variables

Many online marketers use utm campaign variables to automatically monitor and track campaign results in their analytics software. Now these variables are automatically added to the visitor's profile in BlueConic. They are stored in the profile in two different sets of properties: in the context section, where the utm variables for that specific session are stored, and in the statistics section, where the all previously triggered utm variables are stored in a list.



Context profile properties

We added a new category of profile properties: "context". These profile properties are immediately available when a visitor enters a page. Other profile properties are only available after a click or page refresh, but this new category is directly actionable at the first visit. This opens up new use cases: you are able to easily adapt messages on your homepage or website even for first-time-visitors based on any of these profile properties.

Profile property creation

When you need to pick a profile property in the configuration of a [dialogue] interaction, you are able to create new custom profile properties directly.

New Interaction Plugin: Form

If you want to deliver a form to a visitor, without having to do a load of configurations in your CMS, we now offer the possibility to directly deliver a simple form from BlueConic, either inline or in a lightbox.

Visual Picker

Form scraping in the Visual Picker

By using the new in-context field selector, in combination with our new profile property creator, scraping forms from your site to fill a visitor's profile can be configured in just a few clicks.

Picking Interaction Positions

When choosing a position on a channel to place a BlueConic interaction, users can now do this visually, directly on the webpage. They can also preview their interaction in this view.

Defining Channel Positions

The definition of positions on a specific web-channel, on which an online marketer can place BlueConic interactions, can now be visually selected directly on the webpage.

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